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About US

ESF Capital is a US-based company that is privately held as a mixed holding company. The firm aims to disrupt the financial services industry and provide an alternative to traditional family offices, venture capital, and private equity while also servicing the companies that seek their investment capital.


ESF Capital is led by a strong team of professionals from various industries and collectively represent over 60+ years of experience in entertainment, sports, media, management, and financial services. Their experience includes the following industry sectors to included: film, television, production, gaming, Web3, blockchain, live events, league ownership, distribution, development, and more. 


ESF Capital founders have cumulatively raised over $3B for startup companies, sports leagues/teams, movie projects, concert tours, and hospitality projects over the past 25 years. By the year 2025, the firm aims to have assisted over 100 minority and female founders and private investors in acquiring funding and successfully building generational wealth. 

On behalf of the firm's elite membership of accredited investors, the firm also acquires, pre-vets, provides due diligence, and provides access to off-market investment opportunities from around the world. Only the best investment opportunities are presented to the members who then choose to participate in project syndications that are managed by the firm's GPs.  


ESF Capital is dedicated to reshaping generational wealth and driving a movement that meticulously crafts a diversified ecosystem of emerging companies operating within the scope of sports, media, and entertainment.


Our vision is to bring together visionary investors and emerging founders from around the world who share our passion for identifying, developing, and nurturing the brightest prospects in the industry. 

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