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AKT Ventures Ltd

Institutional Investor

A Benchmark Impact Investment Opportunity


We are pleased to introduce you to this benchmark Impact Investment Opportunity to participate in the development of an entire African kingdom that is slated to start just outside of Accra, Ghana. The (4) phase development project will follow the coastline southeast over 121 miles to Takordi. AKT Ventures aims to facilitate Prince Asante’s vision for leading his people into the future of intergenerational equity and macroeconomic stabilization.

AKT Ventures, under the financial management of ESF Capital GP Ltd, has been approved by Chief Nana, under the supervision of the Office of Prince Nana Kwaku Asante, to begin a development plan that will include the formation and development of nine (9) planned portfolio companies.

This is an impact investment opportunity for tourism development that includes: a 200-acre production studio, an 18-hole golf resort with 300+ rooms, multiple neighborhoods, Ghana’s first live-in sports academy, a professional level sports complex, Ghana’s largest theme park and entertainment venue, and an oceanside 5-star hotel/casino.

Anchored and leveraged by multiple gold mines and a sovereign wealth fund, AKT Ventures is well-positioned and has all the ingredients for success including royal partners, secured land rights, government support, a diaspora-led team, a leveraged financial strategy, scalability, and plenty of strategic partners waiting to come onboard.

The only thing missing is your support. AKT Ventures through ESF Capital is seeking to onboard investment partners that are interested in leaving a lasting economic, social, academic, agricultural, and cultural impact on over 50,000 Ghanaian citizens.


We have closed our friends and family round of $1.5M and are currently seeking to close our startup round of $15M in exchange for 10% of AKT Ventures. AKT Ventures will own 60% of all planned portfolio companies.

The project, expected to be completed in (4) phases over the course of 12-15 years, carries a total capital expenditure of $2.89B.

Please contact us and request to see the full business plan.




This impact investment opportunity includes the following planned developments:

  • 200-Acre Production Studio

  • Multiple K-12 Educational Institutions

  • 18-Hole Golf Resort with 300+ Rooms

  • Multiple New Housing Developments

  • Ghana's 1st Live-In Sports Academy

  • State-of-the-Art Professional Sports Complex

  • Ghana's Largest Theme Park

  • Oceanside 5-Star Hotel/Casino

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